Monday, July 13, 2009


Another ADA rarity... This is one is also LIVE LIVE LIVE... at a University Art Show for my school (USD), around spring of 06... I'm not sure what they were looking for when they asked me to DJ it... what they got was this... Like the Haunted Houseparty, I figured since I was taking the trouble to bring ALL my equipment (even all 4 speakers...), I might as well bring the minidisk player and record the sucker. Glad I did because it made the whole thing worthwhile and the inconvenience of it all is just a distant memory. Big shout to my good friend and next door neighbor at the time Ian for being there that day... he even mixed in a couple records while I snuck off to my car for a needed 'escape'. I haven't listened to this in awhile, but I remember it being a lot of choice instrumentals...

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