Monday, July 13, 2009


this is LIVE LIVE LIVE!!! from Halloween 2005!!!! as a personal favor, I agreed to DJ this costume birthday/Halloween party for this girl down the block... I really glad I recorded it because it's a pretty hot set. The party, on the other hand, SUCKED. Also, it fell on a day where I had to work, washing dishes at the organic co-op for 8 hours... then I had to race home, pack up all my equipment (and i do mean ALL OF IT... speakers and all), then race to her house, set it all up in her backyard, then started playing records for 4 or 5 hours. I edited the mix from the original minidisk so I could fit it on a cd (I gave this one out to a few friends)... but what you hear is all live, the mic even picked up some classic party moments! But that party just sucked. None of my friends showed up (well a few did, then left. thanks guys!), I couldnt even get a good buzz going because the keg was inside upstairs (along with the rest of the lame bunch of party goers)... so there I was, spinning all this great music for an empty backyard after washing dishes for 8 hours. what a day. oh and then this one girl started jocking me, but she turned out to be super lame and was more interested in trying to score some coke. I went to bed that night vowing never again to DJ someone's lame ass party for free. At least I got a decent mixtape out of it... and I got to use the title I'd always wanted to use: Haunted.....HOUSEPARTY!!!

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