Monday, July 13, 2009


Classic ADA Mixtape here... I made this one soon after I MISS THE 90s.. It was around Winter 06... there's some good stuff on here: more 90s gems, dope underground material, and even some original beats mixed in with my sampler going through the line channel.

Around this same time I wrote a poem called Time On Earth. I was an English major... so I might as well share it.

Time on Earth

Trying to find the right breaks

To create the masterpiece

That will increase

My level of ability

With a release.

To produce is to reduce

Music down to its essence.

The core of the rhythm

Captured, in a sense.

Forever made immortal in the sampler:

Roland S - P

Six Oh Six.

Losing innocence

But gaining life’s knowledge.

Funny how the important

Lessons weren’t learned in college.

Absorbing wisdom through various mediums,

Channeling energy and keeping time,

Trying to find the right breaks

To break out from this broken state of mind.

Sometimes I’m so lonely

On this planet I can’t stand it.

Might as well be on the Moon.

Plenty of room, I assume.

Not many dare travel

Farther than Earth’s atmosphere without air.

They’re too scared.

Wake up schemers of sound.


It’s all around and surrounds.

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