Sunday, July 12, 2009


so there I was, working in Tampa... first I made FUTURE BREAKS (do not sleep on it! it took 4 months!) , then it was time for my next "project" I call this one a project rather than mixtape, because it's one of them "4 track mixes"... I made it on my sampler: Roland SP 606. I sampled about a million tiny loops... most of..which i had aquired real cheap in Georgia near Dakator...what else was I to do with it? I threw in a lot of breaks to round it out, but it was all recorded at 130 BPM. I called it The Tranzmittal because I was working for a health insurance company where I filled out these forms called 'transmittals' all day long. Basically, it's the cover sheet to a file. So i made this to keep my mind occupied during the experience. At least they let me listen to headphones all day.

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