Sunday, July 12, 2009


so I left San Diego and headed back East... Just me in my car packed to the brim with all that would fit (mainly: turntables, speakers, mixer, various recording equipment, clothes, and whatever records I could fit... ended up being just 3 boxes. 3 out of 30!!) But I eventually made it safe to Georgia, where my uncle Steve said I could stay for awhile, you know, it'd be a place to get my shit together. As long as there was space for my turntables, I was happy. I found that space in his garage, where I immediately set up shop. I ended spending 4 months there, mostly in the garage when I wasnt working part time (I did construction for a bit, then was a delivery driver for a flower shop... I got lost a lot.) So with most of my records in a storage unit in Chico, I started fresh. How and Why my records ended up in Chico is a Looooong Story... it's not a secret but it's just not something I want to get into here. The bottom line is they're still there and I'm still paying $45 a month. But back to Georgia, Roswell to be specific, which is just north of Atlanta.

I dug around for records lot. Not much else to do. I found some pretty interesting stuff. This mixtape marks my time in Georgia, digging through stacks of dollar records I'd bought, trying to find breaks and stuff to sample...It was an interesting time for me.

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