Sunday, July 12, 2009


This one signifies an emotional and chaotic time in my life. It was summer 2006, I had just graduated college... everything was lovely. or so I thought. The end of summer came and although I'd tried to find a 'real' job that would put my degree to use... I just couldn't seem to make it happen. I didn't know what I was doing.... I had little experience: I worked at a hookah bar for a couple years... then I was a dishwasher at an organic co-op for 2 years... not exactly resume building jobs. So anyway, the end of summer came and I still hadn't found that 'real' job, much to my parents' dismay. To make a long story short (there's a lot of ins, lot of outs, lot of whathaveyous....), my parents cut me off. This posed a problem: I could no longer afford to live the lifestyle I'd been enjoying in SD. I had to leave the city I loved so much.... destination unknown. I knew I couldnt even begin to take all my records with me... I knew I had to make a mixtape before I left it all. I knew I had to choose wisely. The records I chose all are special to me... some of the first records I'd ever bought back in high school as well as many classics I found in San Diego.

It's been over 3 years now since I left. I recorded the CATHARSIS shortly before I drove across the country and moved into my uncle's garage in Roswell, GA. Everything I couldnt fit in my car I put in a storage unit (still paying that monthly fee...hopefully not TOO much longer). Beside a ton of records, I have 4 custom built shelves that my friend built for me with his bare hands! You can see one of them in the photo... there are 4 of those... I can't just let it go. I had to leave a lot behind... Recording this mixtape was an extremely cathartic experience. Listening to it still brings me back to that crazy time.

"just... don't touch my records...ever."

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